After an amazing dinner and a refreshing stroll along Sydney Harbour, we headed to Ananas for dessert. Ananas means ‘pineapple’ in French (as well as other languages), and we were thoroughly excited to taste the Parisian roots in their dessert.

After a difficult decision making process, we decided to order the Yves’s Apple, which was a granny smith sorbet with champagne foam and coconut panna cotta. An attempt to summarise this dessert in one word would simply be ‘Wow!’ We were informed by the waitress that this was the pastry chefs favourite, and as soon as we saw the elegant, escalating plating and beautiful presentation, we knew that no effort was spared.

The taste did not let down the high expectations that the presentation created. Each of the constituent parts of the dessert were delicious in themselves, but the true magic came from when they were all eaten together. The panna cotta combined with the unique champagne foam and the sweet sorbet to create in a harmonic way that created multiple layers to the flavour that left you wanting more.

We would definitely recommend this!

The ambience of Ananas was very lively and highly suited to stopover on a night out. It felt like an exciting place to be, and the layout was beautiful – this was particularly noticed with the bar which had some convenient laid out pineapples. The only potential issue is that it was quite loud so it can be difficult to have a conversation however we did not find this to be a problem. Service is friendly and nice, though it did take us a while to pay.

We were only at Ananas for thirty minutes but are definitely planning on returning! The vibe and layout was amazing, and the Yves’s Apple… what a dessert indeed. Make sure you stop by Ananas if you are ever in The Rocks for a night out.

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