Craving some Italian, we decided to start our adventure with dinner at Appetito in The Rocks. Covering all the traditional bases such as pasta and pizza, we were confident that Appetito would have something that we would love.

Upon being seated, we were served olives and sundried tomatoes, which were quite delicious. For our mains, we ended up going for two pastas; the Black Pepper Linguine and the Tagliatelle Bolognaise. The quantity of both was worth the money we paid, which is always a positive!

The Bolognaise tasted as a Bolognaise should – the correct balance of pasta, meat and sauce, all effectively meshed together to create a cohesive whole. On the whole, there was nothing particularly outstanding with this however it was a solid meal!

The Black Pepper Linguine was quite the opposite however. I wasn’t quite sure what it would taste like, particularly as it consisted of bugs meat, but from the first bite I was hooked. The pasta had a very smooth texture to it, and it wasn’t creamy. Overall – quite delicious!

At the end of the meal, we were served a few small complimentary biscuits, which was a nice touch to end the start of our evening.

The outside of the restaurant is a beautiful sandstone, and when you walk inside, you are immediately greeted by a Vespa, which we were able to take a photo next to! The lighting and overall ambience is quite nice and the service was quite friendly!

The restaurant was nice, the pasta was delicious and there was a Vespa at the front. If you’re looking for nice Italian dining in The Rocks, there’s not much better!

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