Mr. Crackles

We were hunting for a quick lunch near Darlinghurst, and after having heard many positive reviews about Mr. Crackles, we thought this would be a great chance to both get a delicious lunch, and give our own review.

For lunch, we ordered the ‘Big Dog’ (a traditional American-style hotdog) as well as their famous Crackling Cup (to see just how delicious they were). The Big Dog was quite nice, however there was nothing that distinguished it from any other hot dog we’ve had at sporting events. Our only complaint would be that there was a bit too much sauce for our liking, however this is obviously subjective.

When it came to the Crackling Cup, we were very excited however we finished overwhelmingly disappointed. From the first bite, we felt they were incredibly dry and lacked flavour, to the extent that after having had 1/3 of the cup, we gave the rest away to a friend, who admittedly did enjoy them.

Mr. Crackles itself is quite small, however there is limited real estate available on Oxford Street so it was what we were expecting. There are some bench seats available inside or takeaway options are available.

Mr. Crackles continues to get raving reviews from many people, and our experience leads us to think that the Crackling Cup that they are famous for is polarising in nature. We came curious to see what all the hype was about, and being honest, we were left still wondering.

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