Lorraine’s Patisserie

Part of the Merivale Group, Lorraine’s is a cute little patisserie located near Wynyard Station. On a cold afternoon, on our way home from university, we decided to take a mini detour for a short dessert.

We came craving for a cheesecake, and when we saw there was a lemon cheesecake on offer, we simply couldn’t resist. In summary, it was fantastic. The cheesecake had a lovely, creamy texture, and the slight hint of lemon added a wonderful layer to the flavours. It was a nice size and was very well put together!

The patisserie is very small which creates an intimate feel. There is a large open kitchen, and you can see the cakes being made in front of you, which is quite exciting! Be aware that there is no seating available however.

If you are looking for a high-quality dessert, Lorraine’s has you covered. Make sure to drop by, say hi to the staff and taste their cakes and offerings. You won’t be disappointed.

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