Doyle’s on the Beach

On a cold wintery day, we headed to Watson’s Bay, nostalgic for summer weather and a scrumptious selection of seafood at Doyle’s on the Beach!

We opted for two mains rather than starters, and got the Doyle’s Selection, which included portions of blue swimmer crab, in house smoked salmon, salt & pepper calamari, natural oyster and golden fried fish fillet with a stuffed jumbo prawn and chips. This was a great pick, as we got to try a bit of every piece of seafood on offer, and it led us to discover what we enjoyed and what wasn’t so good. My highlight was the blue swimmer crab, which was fresh and lightly cooked, and so delicious, but I felt quite inelegant using the implements and eventually my hands to get to the tender meat!

I also really enjoyed the prawn, which was also very juicy and fresh, and the jumbo stuffed prawn was delicious as well, with the lovely spinach and leek flavours coming through! The oyster was an interesting experience as it was my first time trying this delicacy, but it was a lot better than expected and the slimy texture didn’t throw me off too much. The battered selection was well cooked, but unexceptional, and the chips were delicious dipped into the accompanying sauce, although we didn’t like the mustard sauce as much.

The slightly more disappointing component was the smoked salmon, as the smoked flavour was too overpowering for such a large piece, and it would have been more palatable if it was cut into thin slices and served with bread. Overall, however, we were very impressed with both the presentation and the quantity of different selections of seafood on offer, and it was a great choice for indecisive eaters who want a bit of everything!

We also ordered the Grain Fed Scotch Fillet, which came with mashed potato, caramelised onions, a red wine jus and sweet potato chips. The fillet itself was well cooked, and not as tender as I would have liked but nevertheless well seasoned and perfectly complemented with the jus. The sweet potato chips however were the real highlight – thin and crispy, and flavoursome as well, and perfectly paired with a spoon of mash!

It was a cold day so we were wary of sitting outside, but the area is covered and well heated, so it was lovely to have the view of the beach and the ocean while we ate. Service was very prompt and we were given an impressive cutlery selection to navigate the crab meat, which was quite exciting! A bowl was even given for washing your hands in lemon water after a messy attempt at eating, which was very thoughtful. The menu is also quite exceptional as it comes stapled to a newspaper, which gave the place quite a rustic feel.

The experience of eating at Doyles and sampling some of the best seafood in Sydney did not disappoint one bit. If you’re less inclined towards seafood, the steak is a must, but for seafood lovers, the Doyles Selection platter is not to be missed! We’ll definitely be back for more of the crab and prawns, and I would love to try the Balmain bug as well!

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