For a quick lunch visit to see mum in between work, we decided to enjoy some yum cha at the Marigold restaurant in Chinatown!

Apprehensive about ordering too much given that there was only two of us, we started with 3 dishes – prawn dumplings, rice noodles filled with prawn and fried noodles, which we had never tried before but were assured by the serving lady that they were delicious! Turns out, she was right – they were fried with shallots and slightly soft and chewy inside, and tasted delicious dipped in either the peanut butter sauce it came with, which made for a bizzare sweet and savory taste combination, and in the classic yum cha chilli sauce. The prawn dumplings were also perfectly steamed with nice pastry, and the noodles were the clear highlight for me – drenched in soy sauce and eaten with a bit of chilli, they were yum!

We then opted for some BBQ pork buns, a classic yum cha staple that did not disappoint. Hot and steamy, the insides were delicious and filled with pork rather than offcuts, as some bbq pork buns are. Finally, we finished off the meal with sticky rice and chicken. This was another new option for me, and I really enjoyed the taste of the vine leaf which the rice was infused with. The filling was also good, but contained some Chinese sausage, which I personally dislike. The whole meal was complimented by some gently steaming Chinese tea!

Service was super quick, and getting a table wasn’t a problem at all. We looked sufficiently confused at some of the names of the dumplings and noodle options, so the trolley ladies opened the steamers to show us and gave recommendations, which was great! Overall, for a busy rush hour period, we were able to get all the dishes we wanted without any wait time, and the price was really reasonable too, as we paid under $40 for 5 relatively large dishes!

If you’re searching for a great yum cha in the city that has all the classics and more, head to Marigold Restaurant for a weekday lunch without the rush. My personal highlight was the rice noodles with prawn, which also come in a bbq pork variety, so be sure to give that a try!

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