For a delicious afternoon snack, we headed to Kurtosh in Surry Hills to sample some of their sweet treats and of course, the famous Kurtosh bread!

We chose a Cinnamon Kurtosh, which was a crispy golden baked bread scroll coated in sugar and cinnamon topping. It was perfectly sweet and balanced with the slightly spiced bread, and toasty warm, even in the takeaway bag! We especially enjoyed the unique shape, which made it easy to tear off small pieces from the swirl and snack on them as we went.

We also sampled some of the sweet pastries and slices on offer, and one of the highlights was the cream cheese brownie, which was absolutely divine! Rich and flavoursome, the cheese flavour really came through and added a more creamy texture to an otherwise dense treat.

The cafe was fairly empty given that it was late in the afternoon, so we were able to wander around and browse all the sweet treats! The Kurtosh bread normally takes 8-10 minutes to make, but they had one of the cinnamon ones just freshly prepared so we were able to take that, which was convenient! There were three plates laid out on the counter of samples, which we liked, because we felt quite overwhelmed with the choice available, so it was nice to try the products on offer.

The Kurtosh bread was a unique treat, and tasted almost as amazing as it looked. I’ll definitely be back for the brownie though – that was the highlight for us, and we couldn’t stop eating it!

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