Rustic Pearl

To explore more of the Surry Hills foodie scene, we headed to the Rustic Pearl, eager to see if it lived up to all of the hype!

We ordered two dishes – a lamb gozleme with spinach and tomato based sauce, served with tomato, peppers and watercress; and the daily special of tagliatelle with lamb. The gozleme was the highlight for me, as the lamb was so tender and the spinach perfectly wilted, with the thin gozleme bread gently crisped, and overlaying the filling. It was also served with a yoghurt sauce which cut through the more heavy and meaty flavours, and was a delight to eat!

The tagliatelle was also very good, as the rich tomato based sauced and the handmade pasta were showcased, with the lamb pieces being showcased in amidst the delicious pasta! We ordered the dish without chilli, but it would’ve been great with a bit of spice as well.

The interior of the restaurant is quite small, so be sure to go early during peak periods if you want a table! Service took a little while, but as each dish was made from scratch, we felt that was fair. The water came in glasses with lemon and mint, which was so refreshing, and we especially liked the fruit stoppers on the jugs of water, which was quite quirky! The decor was reminiscent of the Middle East, with paintings adorning the walls and intriguing light fixtures.

We really enjoyed our first experience of the Rustic Pearl, and thought the food on offer was delicious! We’ll most definitely be back for more of their gozleme, and I’d love to try the dessert variety as well.

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