Bistro Cocotte

To try the newly opened French restaurant in Haberfield, mum and a friend took a trip to Bistro Cocotte!

Their first pick was the omlette of the day with salad and toast. The particular daily special was the Ratatouille omlette, and mum’s verdict was that it was very nice, with the vegetables perfectly complementing the omlette. Her friend opted for the salmon croquette with roquette salad, smoked salmon and tartare sauce, and she really enjoyed the sauce, which was the star of the dish!

They also grabbed the bread basket, where the baguette was the highlight, but the sourdough less delicious. They then finished off with flat whites and petit fours for dessert – with madelines, brownies, cream tarts and biscuits. All of the items were scrumptious and sweet treats, and they really appreciated being able to try a bit of each of the pastries on offer.

The restaurant was about half full, so not too busy, and service was excellent, as the owners were lovely and really friendly, and happy to have a chat about the restaurant. Food came quite quickly, which was a huge plus point. You can purchase the bread to take home with you, and there was an impressive collection of wines as well!

For a new player in a very Italian-dominated food scene, Bistro Cocotte has an impressive menu and especially fantastic dessert! I’ll definitely have to give it a visit to see how amazing it is for myself.

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