Charlie & Co

Searching for a quick dinner spot before heading to watch a debate, our craving for burgers led us to Charlie & Co at Westfield Sydney. Being a step up from a fast-food burger outlet, we were curious how it would compare in terms of taste and quality, particularly when looking at the price differential.

We ordered the Charlie’s Cheeseburger, which consisted of a wagyu patty, melted cheddar cheese, pickled gherkins and their signature sauce and mustard. The patty itself was fresh and tasted of decent quality, whilst the rest of the burger can be described simply as ‘solid’. There was nothing particularly outstanding, and also nothing particularly disappointing either about it, however we should note that the tomato sauce and mustard was quite nice and an effective way to complement the patty. Perhaps a bit of lettuce would have added to the flavour, however that is what the other burgers are there for.

Overall, our review would be that we were satisfied. Considering however that Charlie’s is similar priced to Burger Project in World Square, we don’t think it is quite as good.

Charlie’s is in a food court so there are plenty of seats, as well as options for eat-in and takeaway. We had to wait slightly longer than we expected for our food, however that was because it was freshly made so that isn’t a disadvantage, just something to keep in mind!

Charlie’s is definitely a step up in terms of quality from places like McDonalds, however this also comes with an associated increase in price. If you are ever craving a burger and are near Westfield Sydney, it is definitely a solid option to keep in mind.

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