Liu Rose

Feeling a little under the weather, we felt that some traditional Chinese food would be the perfect medication. Conveniently, this also gave us the perfect excuse to see how Liu Rose in Strathfield compares to the positive reviews we had heard.

For starters, we ordered the crab meat and chicken soup, as well as the prawn dumplings. The soup was delicious – it had a thick consistency that was magical for the throat and tasted delicious. The chicken and crab combined wonderfully with the flavour, and the size with quite decent. The dumplings unfortunately were rather ordinary in comparison, tasting rather dry.

For the main, we ordered half a Peking duck which we were thoroughly excited for! It did not disappoint. Served in two courses, the first course was served as a pancake where we were given all the constituent ingredients and had to make it ourselves which was quite exciting and also allowed us to control exactly what we wanted. It was served with a plum sauce which was delicious and the duck itself was simply amazing! The second course was duck served as a Sang Choy Bow, which also tasted quite fantastic, and the lettuce served as a nice complement to the meat that was on offer!

If the food was good, the ambience was brilliant. The restaurant itself is authentic, beautiful and traditional. Red walls, luxurious paintings and the room set up give off an impression of indulgence. This is carried through to the service, which I must rate as the best service I have ever received, assisted admittedly perhaps by the fact that the restaurant was quite empty when we dined. The service was impeccably courteous, wonderfully assistive (even in making the dishes and in helping us with little things), and was at the magic point just before it become obtrusive.

It is said that ‘expectation is the root of all heartache’. Not so in the case of Liu Rose. We came with high expectations, and left positively raving. We will definitely be returning, and we would highly recommend!

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