Chiswick at The Gallery

In search of a place for a special birthday celebration, we finally settled on Chiswick at The Gallery to try Matt Moran’s not-so-recent addition to the Chiswick family!

The original Chiswick highlight for me was the steak, and The Gallery does not disappoint in that regard. My sister and I picked the chargrilled sirloin with mushrooms and chives, and the steak was divine! Seasoned to perfection, it came with the perfect gravy sauce, and the mushrooms were so sweet and tender and a perfect accompaniment to the dish. The only difference to the original restaurant was the size and quality of the steak, as it was a much larger, but slightly fattier piece.

Mum opted for the Pan Fried Cone Bay Barramundi with pine mushrooms, artichokes and onion. The fish was very tender but bland, and she resorted to dipping it into the confit garlic aioli that came with the side of hand cut chips to give it some flavour. The salad however, was a big hit, as the sweet artichokes were nicely grilled and added an interesting texture to an otherwise ordinary dish.

Finally, we shared one of the snow crab sliders, which we all really enjoyed. The fillings were lettuce, kewpie and gherkins, and while it was a small portion, it packed a flavourful punch.

We dined in the afternoon and the restaurant was about half full, but service was very slow and inefficient, which was a bit of a letdown. We requested a window table, which was free, but after asking the staff never got back to us to move us to the new seat. The views are not as spectacular as most waterfront restaurants, but the space inside is open and airy, although the tables in the middle are a little crowded together.

While the food was amazing and definitely a big hit, the poor service needs to improve before I’ll be back. For now, we’ll stick to the original Chiswick, which has amazing service and food for the same price tag.

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