Kingston & Co

En route to a birthday party, we were craving some meat and the steak on the menu at Kingston & Co seemed too good to just ignore. Taking a seat, we were quite impressed at the range of other items available, and were both curious to see what they would taste like and impatient to satisfy our hunger.

Rather unsurprisingly, we ordered the 300g Scotch Fillet to satisfy our cravings, as well as the Linguini pasta and a serving of garlic bread. The first thing that should be noted is that the quantities are solid; if the 300g steak wasn’t enough in itself, it is also served with chips, mushroom sauce and salad. The steak itself was very well cooked and had a consistent flavour, which the mushroom sauce definitely added to. The side of salad had fresh cucumbers and tomatoes which were very well received, and overall the meal was impressive, even in the way it was served.

The Linguini pasta consisted of prawns, heirloom tomatoes, baby spinach and green peas. My expectations were admittedly not as high as those of the steak, and I was pleasantly surprised. From the first bite, the pasta was satisfying and filling, and the prawns were especially delicious. The garlic bread was cooked to an optimal level and complemented the overall meal nicely.

We sat in the ‘box’ outside the restaurant which we found exciting and the seating was spacious and comfortable. The service was quite standard, the main focus of Kingston was on the food, which we didn’t have complaints about.

If you are craving meat, pasta, or just any form of dinner, keep Kingston in mind. The restaurant isn’t flashy but the quantity is good, the taste is delicious, and honestly, what else could you ask for.

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