Le Bukhara

In line with our goal of trying every different cuisine, a Groupon deal allowed us to venture into the Indian-Mauritian part of the world at Le Bukhara. Located in a quiet area in Double Bay, I was quite excited for my first ever Indian ‘banquet’.

For the starter, we ordered the Tandoor Chicken Tikka and a Samosa. Our initial impressions were that the serving sizes were smaller than anticipated, although this did not turn out to be an issue given the quantity of food that came later. The Tandoori Chicken itself was fantastic, with an appropriate level of spice to ensure we were able to handle it. The samosa tasted ‘solid’ – nothing particularly incredible, however also nothing particularly bad.

For the main, we ordered the Mumbai Beef Curry as well as the Saag Paneer, which was cottage cheese cooked with a puree of spinach. To complement these, we were also given garlic naan and plain naan, as well as a bowl of rice. The foods were very rich, which was something that I was not particularly used to however the taste was quite delicious. The meat in the beef curry was very tender and soft, and the cheese in the Saag Paneer had a lovely consistency to it. The sides of naan and rice were quite standard and also worked well with our choices of curry.

The restaurant itself was surprisingly well laid out and the service was friendly. It is important to note however that on the night we went, the restaurant was rather empty so we’re not sure what it would be like on a busier night.

Le Bukhara was an interesting foray into the world of Indian dining. The dishes were delicious however I couldn’t enjoy them properly as I was unused to the richness. For someone who is interested in that style of cuisine however, Le Bukhara is a good choice.

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