After watching the finals of a moot competition, we ventured to Mejico for a quick dinner. The restaurant was thoroughly alive and busy for a Tuesday night, and we were excited to see how the overall experience would pan out.

For a starter, we ordered the guacamole to share, which is served in a huge ceramic bowl with plantain chips. For some reason, we simply could not get enough of this – the guacamole tasted authentic and fresh, and the plantain chips were the perfect complement. Overall, a great introduction to our evening.

For the main, we ordered the chargrilled steak, as well as salmon and pork tacos. The steak itself was quite standard – nothing to rave about yet nothing to be disappointed with. The tacos however were quite delicious and full of flavour. In particular, we would highly recommend the salmon taco; apart from its spiciness, it is a solid size and perfectly cooked.

Mejico had a fantastic vibe to it and was quite energetic, yet not too loud that you couldn’t have a conversation. The walls were colourful with a Mexican décor and the service was efficient and helpful, as well as explaining the underlying ethos of Mejico which is one of sharing. There is also a huge bar available and all the little details were taken into account including the design of the water bottles.

If you are looking for an exciting place to kick off the evening or just some delicious Mexican, Mejico is the place for you. Combine with good company and you’re sure to leave with smiles all round.

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