The Little Snail

Discovering a Groupon voucher for a three course meal at The Little Snail, we immediately jumped on board, keen for an adventure. After a tiring morning class, we thought the perfect antidote would be to explore a little pocket of France in Pyrmont.

The Groupon gave both of us a three course meal, and with the huge range on offer, we were quite excited to make the most of it. For entrees, we broke our policy of not ordering the same meal, both of us choosing the snails. It was served in a huge bowl with garlic butter and a baguette, and was quite delicious. By the time we had finished all dozen snails, we were very satisfied.

For the main, we ordered the kangaroo fillet and the veal. The kangaroo, surprisingly, was quite disappointing. Although the meat itself was quite tender and nice, the sauce it was served with overpowered the flavour in a way that didn’t complement the natural taste of the meat. The sauce of the veal however was much nicer, and we were quite satisfied with the veal as a whole. Overall though, the entrée was nicer than the main in our view.

The desserts however were quite amazing. We ordered a crème caramel and a handmade profiterole, both of which were perfectly sweet and tasted amazing. The profiterole in particular was very well put together and the creamy interior meshed with the hardened texture of the outside nicely.

The restaurant itself has quite a lovely interior and the service is friendly and efficient. About halfway through our meal, a large school group arrived, which didn’t bother us, however this naturally increased the noise levels so this is something to take into account if you are dining for lunch as they regularly have schools.

We began our meal with an incredible entrée and ended with an incredible dessert. The main was a bit disappointing, but overall we enjoyed our time at The Little Snail. We probably wouldn’t recommend it as a full priced meal, however when the Groupon next comes around, jump on board as the value is definitely tres bien.

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