Japan City

After a day of shopping at Top Ryde, we headed to Japan City, a restaurant and mini Japanese boutique boasting authentic food and cute trinkets!

The first pick was the Chicken Katsu Bowl, which was some deep fried chicken with salad and rice. It was delicious, as the meat was very tender, and the accompanying white sauce artfully drizzled on top was the perfect accompaniment! The Seafood Udon, which was a dish of Japanese noodles in seafood flavoured broth served with prawns and squid, had pieces of seaweed and was very warming on a cold day, but the Katsu was definitely the better of the two.

The restaurant was bustling with lots of diners, but service was very quick, and the staff were friendly. The interior boasts a kitchen, restaurant and gift shop, so a sit down lunch can be finished off with a stroll around the shop to check out the items – the tea sets were so lovely!

Japan City is a great part of the Top Ryde food walk. Their takeaway sushi is excellent, but don’t miss the opportunity to dine in and try some of their bigger dishes as well!

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