Balkan Oven Burek Bakery Cafe

On a warm day, we ventured to Rockdale to try a new cuisine and sample some Balkans food at the Balkan Oven Burek Bakery Cafe!

We opted for two quarter bureks, one of the spinach and cheese and one of the mince meat. The flaky pastry was so buttery and delicious, and reminiscent of the light and fluffy texture of roti bread. In terms of the fillings, the clear favourite was the mince meat, which was so tender and flavourful, but not overwhelming. I could’ve easily eaten two quarters, but we did get full quite quickly, so one quarter per person is doable. We also enjoyed the spinach and cheese, but would’ve preferred the cheese to be more melted, and the filling a little less rich.

The cafe was somewhat difficult to find, but once we got our bearings, it was a short stroll up King Street and right at the end. True to what I had read in other reviews, there were many old men sitting outside having a chat and coffee, adding to the relaxed vibe. There was ample seating inside, and we had a sneaky glimpse into the kitchen too, which was very exciting! Their turnover is super quick, so we didn’t want them to run out before we had sampled some of the delicious burek, but they quickly replenished their stores, so we had nothing to worry about!

For an authentic Balkans dining experience in a nice casual atmosphere, grab a piece of their Burek and try some of the sweet treats on offer. You can’t go past the mince meat variety, it’s divine!

Balkan Oven Burek Bakery Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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