Pepper Lunch

Having heard amazing things about being able to ‘cook your own food’ at Pepper Lunch, we ventured to the city after uni and decided to try our hand at it!

We ordered the Beef Pepper with extra beef and extra rice, which was also served with corn kernels, and the Hitokuchi cut, which came with a side of vegetables and bean sprouts. I really enjoyed the Hitokuchi cut, as it was tender and really flavoursome without needing any extra sauce other than the steak sauce provided. We cooked it until it was fairly well done, but it was still great, and not too dry.

I also tried some of the fried rice. While I found it to be quite salty and rich, the rice was preferred by my friend, who found it flavourful and tasty. I personally would’ve liked it to have been cooked a bit longer, and for there to be more vegetables to cut through the heaviness of the dish.

Service is quite impersonal, as you order at the counter, and have the menu items delivered to your table, with the only explanation of how to cook it found on the paper covering the side of the dish. There is plenty of seating both inside, and outside the restaurant in the food court area.

It was far easier to cook the beef dish than the rice one, and we got the beef to a perfect cook, but the rice was still a little underdone for my liking. The experience of cooking for yourself was a really novel one, but not one that I’d like all the time, as it was a lot of effort, particularly when you’re really hungry and just want to get right into eating!

The experience of Pepper Lunch is one that you have to try at least one, and the novelty of cooking your own food is quite exciting! I would definitely recommend the beef, and getting a side of plain rice or chips along with it.

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