Saravanaa Bhavan

Following a recommendation from our family doctor, who assured us this was the best Indian food around, we travelled to Parramatta to try Saravanaa Bhavan for ourselves.

We were pleased to find all our favourite South Indian dishes on the menu, and ordered a dish each, plus a starter, which was the Idly set. The idly, which are savoury rice cakes served with curry, were so delicious and moist, and were a perfect complement to the tomato curry, coconut chutney, coriander chutney and dal. We all agreed that it was probably the best idly we’ve ever had – high praise indeed!

My dish was the plain dosa, which is a crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. It was nicely crisp but not too papery, and I enjoyed eating it with the tomato curry, which I couldn’t believe was vegetarian, as it was so flavourful. My sister ordered the paper dosa, which is a more crispy variety of the same dish, and she also really enjoyed hers!

Mum ordered the onion rava dosa, which is made from semolina and rice flour, and contains a selection of cumin seeds, diced onions, diced carrot, curry leaves, cashew nuts, black pepper, chopped cilantro and green chillies. She didn’t enjoy her pick as much, as the onions were large and a bit raw for her liking, but would order it again without the onions.

Finally dad opted for a North Indian dish instead, and had the channa bhatura, which is a fried bread that looks like a balloon, and a spicy chickpea curry. His only complaint was that the curry was quite mild, and he would’ve preferred it to be spicier, but I tried a bite of the bhatura, and it was perfectly cooked and not too oily.

Parking was very difficult to find, so we parked in a public lot a few blocks away and walked. As soon as we walked in, we were quickly seated, and the restaurant was fairly full. Service was very quick, despite all the dishes being made from scratch, so we were really happy! The only complaint was that their dessert menu is very limited, and we would’ve liked to see some unique Indian sweets and dessert options.

Saravanaa Bhavan is a famous Indian restaurant chain, and their move to Australia did not compromise any of their authentic South Indian flavours. I’m usually a big fan of meat, but I was so surprised to find out after my meal that the food was vegetarian, as it was so flavourful and tasty! This is truly one of the best Indian restaurants around, and I’ll definitely be back.

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