Lok Lok Dumpling Bar

For a quick lunch at Rhodes, we picked out our favourite dumplings at Lok Lok Dumpling Bar, a Sydney-wide chain that serves delicious yum-cha fare in single portions!

We ordered three items – the prawn steamed dumplings, the steamed pork buns and the siu mai dumplings. The prawn dumplings were the highlight by far – the dumpling casing was perfectly steamed and not too thin, and the prawn filling was very substantial. I also really enjoyed the steamed pork buns, as the outside bun was so fluffy and sweet, and the insides were reminiscent of the famous xiao long bao (Shanhainese soup dumplings) rather than a more Cantonese style BBQ pork bun. The siu mai were also good, and a nice way to round off the meal.

Lok Lok is often very busy, so grab a copy of their menu from the counter and be sure to order quickly! A buzzer signals your food’s arrival, and there are a few tables outside the restaurant, but as they were all full we opted to eat in the food court seating area just opposite instead. While you wait for your food, be sure to look at the chefs preparing the dumplings in steamer baskets through the viewing window, to see how they are prepared!

While Rhodes does have the Phoenix Yum Cha restaurant, Lok Lok is a far quicker and more convenient alternative to beat those long lines and try some delicious dumplings in a more casual setting!

Lok Lok Dumpling Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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