Botanica Garden Cafe

In search of a brunch in a picturesque location with healthier options, we stumbled upon Botanica Garden Cafe, which is just across the road from Waverton Station!

I selected the Little Soldiers, which was four buttered ‘soldiers’ or sticks of bread served with a soft-boiled egg. The presentation was so whimsical – the egg came out in a tank shaped holder, and the bread sticks were artfully criss-crossed on top of each other. The egg was perfectly cooked and delightfully runny, and the bread delicious and fresh. As I wanted more of a light breakfast, this was the perfect quantity, but if this was to be a larger breakfast, the waitress let us know that we could order an extra egg, which was great!

I also tried some of The All Mitey, which was a poached egg, avocado, two field mushrooms and grilled tomato on toast. While it usually comes buttered with vegemite, we opted to have it without, and added some house-smoked salmon instead. The mushrooms were delicious and flavoursome, perfectly al-dente, and the whole dish came together very nicely. The colours were vibrant on the plate, and we were so impressed with the presentation of this dish as well!

Finally, we had a Pineapple Express, a cold pressed juice with pineapple, orange and lychee, which was very refreshing! The sweetness of the lychee was the dominant flavour, and we really enjoyed having the juice alongside our breakfast dishes.

The cafe was so unique, with ample seating in the front and middle, and a quaint garden in the back with figurines and greenery. There was also a raised section containing a children’s play area and an adjoining table as well, so this cafe is perfect for families!

The furniture we were seated on was all either recycled or vintage, and we reclined in armchairs, and used an old and large wooden treasure chest as a table, which was so exciting. The food took a while to come out as the cafe was quite busy, but the taste more than made up for this, and it was lovely to soak up the hot sun in this atmosphere.

Breakfast at Botanica Garden Cafe is more than just the food. The cafe provides a truly whimsical and unique experience in a picturesque garden setting with delicious food, so definitely give it a visit!

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