Hurricane’s Express

In search of a hearty meal and some tasty ribs after a day of studying for our final exams, we headed to Hurricane’s Express in Chatswood!

Hurricane’s BBQ Pork Ribs are, in my opinion, the best ribs available in Sydney! We had to order a set, and chose the sweet potato chips as a side. It was so delicious, and we quickly devoured the whole set. The tantalising sweet and tangy flavour of the thickly coated BBQ sauce invites you to lick your fingers once each rib is consumed, and there was a substantial amount of tender meat on the ribs as well.

Our other pick was the Wagyu Beef Burger, which was a hit as well. The bread was soft and light, and the patty was very well cooked, and so juicy and flavoursome. There was lots of salad to cut through the heavy patty, and overall it was a delight!

The Express store format requires you to order at the counter, and collect your meal when your buzzer sounds. Everything is self-serve, including the cutlery and seating, and we quite liked the concept. There is also ample booth seating in the interior, and the characteristic ‘box’ seating concept outside for diners to sit and watch the happenings of Anderson Street. However, we were a bit skeptical at still having to pay a similar premium to the prices of regular Hurricanes, except without the exceptional service.

The food at Hurricanes never fails to disappoint, and we left feeling so satisfied! However, stick to the regular Hurricanes if you want the service to go along with the premium price!

Hurricane's Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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