Tim Ho Wan

After a busy morning of work and sport, we dropped by Tim Ho Wan for a quick afternoon snack before our next food stop! A Michelin-starred brand, we were thoroughly excited to compare its offerings with other places we had tried.

After hearing the hype around Wan’s famous pork buns, we were super eager to get our hands on this popular dish and we weren’t disappointed. The pork buns lived up to their reputation and were crispy and crunchy on the outside with a soft and gooey inside. The pork serving was generous and flavoursome, with sweet and sour tones that complemented the slightly savoury bun pastry well.

After looking over the menu, we saw that along with the pork buns, there were three other dishes that earned Tim Ho Wan’s place as “Hong Kong’s most famous Dim Sum restaurant”. Collectively, these dishes are known as the “Big 4 Heavenly Kings”. The second “heavenly king” was the pan fried turnip cake, which was my second favourite dish after the pork buns. Having been to many yumcha restaurants around Sydney, Wan’s turnip cake is definitely one of better ones around town, being not too oily or overpowering, with a subtle savoury taste. The exterior had the right amount of crispiness, with the centre being soft and having a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The third heavenly king, the steamed egg cake, was mildly sweet, and in my opinion, slightly bland. While it was fluffy and light, and had all the good qualities of a well made sponge cake, there was nothing particularly special about this dish. I would have preferred it to have more flavour and some texture.

The fourth heavenly king was the vermicelli roll with pig’s liver. This dish is definitely for the more adventurous, as the pig liver has a very strong taste which was quite overpowering for my palette. Once you place the roll in your mouth, the vermicelli melts away and you’re left with the tart and quite pungent pig liver! This will be the main taste you’ll have during consumption and well after. While it wasn’t to my liking, I can see this dish appealing to the pig liver fans out there, as it definitely didn’t lack on flavour! For those like myself who tend to shy away from liver, Tim Ho Wan has many other vermicelli roll options which you’ll be sure to find more to your liking!

The table service was fast and the food was well presented and well put together. Whilst the big four heavenly kings were definitely unique, most of the other menu items were dishes you would typically find in any yumcha restaurant around Sydney, so the real drawcards are those famous signature dishes!

I found the dining experience at Tim Ho Wan quite enjoyable! Within the big four heavenly kings, the pork bun is definitely worth trying, as well as the vermicelli roll with pig’s liver for those who want something a little different.

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