XS Espresso

Braving the rainy weather, we took a roadtrip to XS Espresso to try what has been voted the best milkshake in Australia! Naturally, we were super excited and also curious to see what other menu items they had in store!

After having seen amazing pictures on Instagram, we absolutely had to have their signature milkshakes! My pick was the XS Surprise, a decadent chocolate milkshake coated with white chocolate and sprinkles, and topped with pink fairy floss, honeycomb chocolate and a cone filled with a Kinder Surprise egg. It was so rich and chocolatey, and each element was so well put together! I especially enjoyed the cone coated in white chocolate and sprinkles, as the crunch and texture of the cone and sprinkles really complimented the sugary and smooth sweetness of the chocolate. The shake was so whimsical and unique and well put together, and we thought it was a real treat!!

We also tried the Monster Milkshake, which was also a chocolate milkshake topped with Oreos, Tim Tams, waffles and a dollop of whipped cream. It was delicious, and would definitely be a hit with chocolate lovers, as there were many different textures and chocolate flavours. While the cream was a little heavy, we absolutely loved the Oreos and Tim Tams and the flavour of the milkshake itself was a winner! We’d definitely order this one again!

Finally, to break up the sweetness, our waitress recommended the Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Burger, which was honestly one of the best Chicken burgers we’ve tried! This was truly the star of the meal, as the chicken was perfectly grilled and so juicy and tender, and the spicy and tangy peri peri sauce perfectly balanced out the fresh salad ingredients. It was topped off with a soft brioche bun, and served with a side of chips, which were crispy and not too salty – absolutely delicious!

While we initially were apprehensive about the location, we really enjoyed the drive down, and the cafe was so easy to find! There was ample seating inside and outside of the bustling cafe, and we loved the rustic interior with the hanging plants and greenery and brick walls to one side (a perfect backdrop for photos!), and the white cabinet and bookshelf on the other side. The presentation of all the meals was exquisite, and they had such an expansive range of food and desserts to choose from, so we’d definitely recommend coming for breakfast lunch and staying on for a cheeky dessert afterwards!

We thoroughly enjoyed our foodie roadtrip to XS Espresso, and loved the amazing milkshakes, but were wowed by the burger – so make sure you grab one for lunch, and leave room for a stunning dessert!

Note: Khana dined as a guest of XS Espresso and CPM Online Marketing.

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