Moonlight Cinema Launch

On a bright and sunny day, we were so excited to attend the Moonlight Cinema Launch at the Sir Andrew Boy Charlton Poolside Cafe, enjoying cocktails, canapés and some excellent cinema!

A selection of menu items from the Moonlight Cinemas’ LA Style Food Truck were on offer. Our first taste of the day was the Korean Fried Chicken Sliders ($16 with fries from the Food Truck), which were absolutely divine! The sliders, which had fried chicken, kim chee, kewpie mayo and coriander, were slightly spicy and tangy, and the chicken was nice and crunchy, with those contrasting textures blending together beautifully!

We then sampled some of the Cheese Burger Sliders ($16 with fries), containing prime beef, American cheddar, ketchup, onion and pickles, which were a more classic and simple option. These were also fantastic and were presented beautifully, and we really enjoyed taking photos of our burgers next to the beautiful surrounds.

Rounding up the food offerings, we tried some of the Baby Calamari Fritti with Wasabi Mayo ($16), which was lightly battered and well spiced with the accompanying tangy sauce. This came in a cute little basket, and we couldn’t stop snacking on the pieces, so the larger portion to be served at the Candy Bar would be perfect for sharing!

Finally, on to dessert. We picked a Nutella Donut ($9 from the Food Truck) each, and they were amazingly good, with just the right amount of chocolate to dough ratio, and coated in a generous sprinkling of icing sugar. The melted chocolate practically oozed out of it, and it was such a more-ish treat. A must have for any Moonlight Cinemas sesh!

We were also lucky enough to watch some of the thrilling trailers for the upcoming films to be previewed at Moonlight Cinema this summer. We won’t give any spoilers away about the movies themselves, but you can find the lineup here, so pick a date, grab some friends, and give these amazing movies a watch!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Moonlight Cinema Launch experience and are so excited to check out some amazing movies, and of course, snack on some delicious movies over the summer! Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park runs from December 3rd to March 27th, and is not to be missed.

Note: Thanks so much to Cardinal Spin for organising the fabulous launch party and inviting Khana along!


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