Aqua Dining

To celebrate the end of an amazing year, we went on an evening adventure to Aqua Dining in Milsons Point. As we walked through the lovely interior to the semi-private events space, we felt a unique combination of soaring expectations and a tingling sense of excitement for what was to come.

Our menu for dinner was a three-course alternate serve. As an overview – all three courses were a complete sensory experience; engaging the eyes with beautiful plating, the nose with the aroma of the dishes and, most importantly, the mouth with the rich flavours and delicious taste. We finished the meal very impressed, and it was obvious that careful attention had been paid into creating dishes with both complementary and contrasting flavours, as well as the actual presentation itself.

For the entrée, we were served King Prawns, with Stracciatella, Dill Tapioca and Beetroot, as well as Parmesan Praline, with Compressed Pear and Port Jelly. The first bite of the prawns immediately set the tone for an amazing night with a resounding, beautiful flavour which I loved. The rest of the dish layered beautifully with the taste of the prawn, and the flavour could still be tasted long after the first bite, which is always a great endorsement. Unfortunately, I did not find the Parmesan Praline as appealing due to my general indifference towards cheeses, however others were very impressed with its overall creamy texture and lovely consistency. They further noted that it worked especially well with the bread that had been served earlier.

Luckily for my sake, the mains quickly came to the rescue. We were served Red Snapper, with Tarragon, Potato Vinaigrette and Zucchini, as well as Wagyu Beef, with Celeriac and Pizzaiola Sauce. Both of these were simply amazing. The Snapper tasted especially fresh, and created an interesting contrast with the taste of the Parmesan served before. The Wagyu Beef was perfectly cooked and remained rather tender, whilst still being full of flavour. The mains were accompanied by two sides: A Mixed Leaf Salad, with Radish and Verjuice, as well as Cocktail Potatoes, with Garlic and Rosemary. I found the potatoes to be a personal highlight, and they worked wonderfully with both the Snapper and the Beef, demonstrating their versatility.

Finally, for dessert, we were all served with Warm Chocolate Cake and Milk Ice Cream, which was a fitting end to a lovely food adventure. Although it was a very simple and unassuming dish, the warm cake melted in the mouth and combined wonderfully with the ice cream to leave a beautiful aftertaste. The cake itself was not too rich, and was overall delicious. To round out the meal, we were served with some drinks, coffees and petit fours

One could not write a review on Aqua without commenting on its lovely location and stunning view. From the Sunken Terrace, we had unobstructed close-ups of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the general Harbour, and the location is perfect for photos.

Even more impressively, the interior did not pale in comparison but rather oozed class and sophistication. Proper attention paid to every little detail and the wait-staff were incredibly friendly and attuned to our every need, even before we knew that we needed it.

We were at Aqua Dining for over five hours and, by the end of it, we were left wanting so much more. Every bite of the food, and every glance at the interior, reminded us of an incredible experience that will stay with us for a very long time. When we added in some amazing company and lifetime friends, the experience is simply elevated to one for the ages. Make sure to take the time to visit Aqua for either lunch or dinner and request a window seat – you won’t regret it!

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