The Hill Bar

To celebrate the launch of The Hill Eatery’s new bar in North Bondi, we were invited to enjoy a night of amazing drinks, good food and great vibes!

We were absolutely thrilled to try some snacks from their new bar menu, which all looked so delicious! We started off with the oysters, which were served drizzled in caramelised red wine vinegar and eschalot dressing, and a hint of lemon. While I’m normally not a lover of oysters, the saltiness and tartness of the vinegar added a zesty flavour to the oyster, and it was a delicious snack that had us going back for seconds!

We then tried the black eyed bean fritters, one of the vegan/vegetarian options on the menu, which was served with a mango and ginger chutney. It was so yummy, and had a similar texture to a falafel, with a lovely soft centre and crunchy exterior. The chutney added a refreshing and sweet element to the snack, and we gave it a big thumbs up!

Our third pick of the day was the May Valley Lamb Short Rubs, served with a chickpea puree, spice salt and lime. The meat was so tender and practically fell off the bone, which made it really tasty! We especially liked the creative touch of a chickpea puree dipping sauce to add a healthy kick to the dish, and the lime finished it off perfectly.

Finally, we had a pulled beef brisket slider, which was filled with slaw, crispy eschalot and chipotle mayo for a slightly spicy edge! This was one of the highlights for us, as it was very well seasoned and had all the elements of a good burger, but in miniature form, making it easy to eat and balance while enjoying a few drinks as well!

We also had a chance to sample some of their creative cocktails! The first one we had was the Cocomojito, which was a mix of Mt Gay Eclipse Silver, Malibu, Cointreau, lime and mint. It was so refreshing and light, and perfect for a warm afternoon – this was definitely our pick of the day!

We then tried the Cargo Chai, which I was so excited for! The blend was really unique, with Cargo Cult Rum, iced chai tea and orange. It had a slightly spiced kick to it from the tea infusion, and we thought that this cocktail had such a cool concept.

The third drink we grabbed was the Fresh Paloma, which was a mix of Tequila, Capi Pink Grapefruit, fresh lime and agave syrup. It was super sweet, but had a slight bitterness from the grapefruit that cut through the sugar and tied all the flavours in perfectly!

Finally, we couldn’t go past a glass of their Printhie Sparkling, which was incredibly smooth on the palette, and a lovely way to finish off the evening!

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the lovely open space near the bar with lots of natural light. There’s plenty of seating at the bar tables and stools scattered around the venue, and a DJ rocking out to some great tunes. There are also a few tables outside if you want to soak up some sunshine or enjoy the sunset. We loved the relaxed vibe – perfect for dropping in after a long day down at the beach to unwind and grab a couple of drinks with friends.

All of the bar staff were super passionate about their craft, and it was really fun to watch them mix the magical drinks that kept us captivated for the night. The food service was also fantastic, and the waitstaff were happy to stop and let us take pictures of their amazing plates, which was so nice! In the daytime, The Hill transforms into a famous local eatery, so be sure to give that a visit as well!

We thoroughly enjoyed our taste of The Hill Bar, and will definitely be back to try the eatery as well! You can’t go wrong with a few Cocomojito cocktails and oysters by the beach, so grab a few friends and give it a visit to see the magic for yourself!

Note: Khana attended the launch as a guest of Polkadot PR and The Hill Bar.

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