Sushi Hotaru

In search of some fresh and healthy food, we decided to visit Sushi Hotaru in The Galleries, an amazingly efficient sushi train outlet!

We ordered a few plates between us, and really liked the variety of selection on their sushi train, and the freshness of their sushi. My first pick was the Salmon and Avocado mini rolls, made with mayo, and topped with salmon roe. They were so delicious and the portions were easy to eat, which was great!

I also had some salmon sashimi after watching one of the chefs fillet the salmon, and it was lovely and fresh, with lots of pieces on the plate. Finally, we grabbed some tuna and avocado rolls, which were yummy as well, and some cooked salmon rolls, topped with a large piece of salmon, and carefully blowtorched to finish off the dish.

Service here is so fast and efficient, and they had plenty of seats even though it was peak lunch hour. The reason? iPads at every table to let you order off their menu and grab sushi dishes that are not on the train, as well as some of their other a-la-carte options and drinks!

We loved this system and found it to be so effective, as you can see the chefs preparing your sushi dishes right before your eyes, and the plates get personally delivered to you, which is a really nice touch! The meal was great value for money as well, and we were able to have a wide selection of plates between us.

We were really impressed with our experience at Sushi Hotaru, and it’s a perfect sushi train for a quick lunch in the city – check it out if you work around the area, or just want some great sushi!

Sushi Hotaru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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