Suminoya Lunch

For another taste of Japanese cuisine, we were really looking forward to bento boxes and authentic Japanese BBQ, known as Yakiniku, at Suminoya in the CBD!

Yuri recommended that we select one of the lunch boxes, which we gladly decided to try! Since we had never tried Ton-Katsu, a deep fried pork cutlet with Ponzu sauce before, we decided to choose that as the main meal with the Lunch Box A option. Alongside the main meal, the lunch box also came with fresh fish sashimi, a crab cutlet, radish, tofu, miso soup and a bowl of rice, which was excellent for trying small portions of many of their dishes.

The Ton-Katsu was an excellent choice, as it was so crunchy and reminiscent of a chicken schnitzel. It was cut into small strips for easy dipping, and we particularly liked the accompanying Ponzu sauce! I then tried some of the crab cutlet, which was lightly fried and filled with delicious and tender crab meat – so good!

Suminoya’s salmon sashimi was such a highlight for me, as it was really fresh and perfectly complemented by their soy sauce. I also liked the tofu, which was silky and delicate, and so enjoyable! The miso soup was a perfect finish to the meal, and the box as a whole was such a well balanced, clean and healthy lunch, perfect for trying many different components of Japanese cuisine in the one meal!

We also were really excited to BBQ our own meat – and since Washoku Lovers members get 4 meat choices for the lunch special deal, which usually has 3 options for $25, we had the wagyu beef loin, wagyu beef hirama, the beef fillet and the scallops as our extra option. This came with a bowl of rice, miso soup and a salad with corn and assorted lettuce leaves, which was very nicely dressed and a much needed accompaniment to the heavier meat.

We loved how easy it was to cook the meat on their BBQ, it was such a fun experience! Suminoya usually uses a charcoal BBQ concept, and these BBQ’s will be back in action in January, so definitely give them a visit then. All the meats were so tender and nicely marinated to bring out all of the flavours, and we made sure we didn’t overcook the pieces so they were still juicy and flavoursome!

The restaurant is located just off Pitt St, so walk down the small alleyway till you get to the side entrance – it’s a bit hard to spot at first! However, the cosy interior and friendly and helpful staff makes this well worth the find! There are plenty of comfortable seats surrounding large wooden tables, with BBQ fans above each of the tables reminding you of their speciality.

Suminoya is a wonderful restaurant to introduce yourself to the Yakiniku style of Japanese BBQ. We absolutely loved trying the Lunch Box and can’t wait to come back for their famous Charcoal BBQ! Remember to show your Washoku Lovers card to access an amazing deal and get an extra lunch BBQ meat selection.

Note: Khana dined as a guest of Washoku Lovers and Suminoya.

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