Superior Liquorice Co

I was so excited to see these delicious packets of Superior Liquorice Co treats in my mailbox today!

The packaging is so whimsical and fun, depicting the adventures of Captain Arthur and his puppy Pip. More importantly, they taste amazing, and my particular favourite was the Raspberry Flavoured Soft Eating Liquorice Bites, which melted in my mouth, and were so sweet and soft – such a unique treat!

We also tried some of the Soft Eating Liquorice Wheels, and the regular Soft Eating Liquorice Bites. These sweets are so irresistible and more-ish that you can’t help going back for seconds, and are perfect with a cup of liquorice flavoured tea! At $3 a packet, they’re great value as well.

Find them in an IGA or independent retailer near you, and happy eating!

Note: Thanks so much to PR Edge and Superior Liquorice Co for sending the amazing treats across!


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