In the middle of an intense day of training for a mooting competition, we needed a lunch delivery, and Suppertime came to the rescue!

I had heard incredibly positive things about Suppertime from quite a few friends, so when I received a $50 voucher to try it out, I was very excited! In contrast to a regular old pizza delivery, Suppertime delivers food from your favourite neighbourhood restaurants right to your door. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the service and will definitely use it again.

Going on the website ( was such an easy process, and it was incredibly simple and intuitive to use, which was great since I wanted my food ASAP! After entering my suburb, the site presented me with a list of restaurants that delivered to me. Out of the available options, I was craving some Japanese so when I saw Komachi in Kensington as an option, I simply couldn’t resist.

The next step is to choose the food to order and, once again, this is so simple. Looking at the available options left me spoilt for choice and in the end I couldn’t resist ordering a wide range of Japanese delicacies: some salmon sashimi, gyoza, avocado mini rolls, tuna salad rolls, salmon aburi and seafood yaki-soba – so yummy!

Immediately after I placed the order, I received a text with live-tracking, and it was super fun to see the progress of my meal. The delivery in the end was very fast and also cheap, and the delivery driver was incredibly friendly. Very importantly, the food arrived hot and with all the right utensils.

On the whole, my Suppertime experience was fantastic! It was simple to use, there were lots of options available, I knew exactly what was happening with the food, and most importantly for my grumbling stomach, it was fast.

Whether you are a foodie or simply looking for something a bit better than a run-of-the-mill delivery, make sure to try out Suppertime – you won’t regret it!

Note: Thanks so much to Suppertime for letting us try out your amazing service!


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