Malacca Straits

For a birthday lunch, we took a crowd of fifteen down to Malacca Straits to try some amazing Malaysian cuisine in good company!

We ordered for the table, ordering two of each dish, and shared the spread between 15 people! Our first dish was roti with curry, which was lovely and flaky and a great accompaniment to all of the meals we ordered to share. We also got a vegetarian char koay teow, or fried rice noodles, which was a bit hit last time we came and enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They provided chilli on the side, but you could use the sauce from the other dishes to spice it up!

Our third pick was the stir fried vegetables, which were crunchy and not too overdone, and we really enjoyed them. The sambal beans were the spicy dish of the day, so some people on our table were a bit wary of having too much, while others thoroughly enjoyed the heat of the beans. We then had a chicken green curry, which was requested by quite a few in the group, and this was quite a nice addition to the Malaysian menu.

Finally, we had a beef rendang, which was made with very tender pieces of beef cooked in a coconut curry, and a great end to the meal. We ordered portions of rice as well to complement our feast, and it was a great meal!

Malacca Straits is set up like a Malaysian style restaurant, with an indoor eating portion and an outdoor area as well. Because of the large group, all the food was pre-ordered, so it was all ready as soon as we arrived, and there was no wait time. However, they are sometimes a little too hasty to take away your plates because of the lunchtime crowd. Rather than the service, the focus is definitely on the food and a quick turnaround at this restaurant.

Malacca Straits offers traditional Malaysian food that is perfect for sharing with a big group! Whilst some of the dishes weren’t options that I’d usually pick, I really enjoyed trying some very different and unique dishes, and will definitely be back for more of their amazing food.

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