For our first experience of Japanese fine dining, we headed over to Busshari at Potts Point, excited to try some of their beautiful sashimi and sushi!

We were really excited to have the sake tasting board, which let us try 3 different types of sake that varied in sweetness. We learnt that the lower the number on the sake, the sweeter it would be, and that was exactly our experience! My favourite was the Masumi ‘Genuine Pureness’, which really lived up to the name with a perfect combination of sweetness and dryness, combined with a little kick!

We had three main dishes and a dessert, which gave us an amazing sampling of everything on offer at Busshari. First up was the Chef’s Selection Sashimi platter, which had pieces of ocean trout, trevally, tuna, scallop, kingfish and snapper. We were lucky enough to be seated with a view of the kitchen, and watched Chef Nobu skilfully fillet the fresh fish to be used for the dish, and artfully plate up the platter.

The platter itself was stunningly presented, with cucumber and seaweed, amongst other things, as garnishes, and the sashimi pieces placed in twos on the plate. Our highlight was the ocean trout, which was delicious and reminiscent of salmon, but much better quality. We also really enjoyed the snapper, which tasted very fresh, and was a perfect mouthful when dipped into their soy sauce.

We then moved on to try the Chef’s Selection Sushi platter, and Chef Nobu kindly gave us a few extra pieces to try, so we were able to sample 11, rather than the usual 9 pieces of fish. We had never tried eel before, whether as sushi or otherwise, and this was such a treat for us to have it on the sushi. It was perfectly grilled and coated in a tasty sauce, and we really enjoyed it!

Each of the sushi pieces are served with a piece of sashimi or grilled fish atop a bed of rice, with one omlette sushi as well. The dish does come with wasabi included under each piece of fish, so be sure to ask for less if you don’t enjoy the taste of wasabi, or prefer a milder dish. The presentation of this dish was also beautiful, showcasing the art of making high quality and delicious sushi and sashimi!

Finally, we tried one of the specials – the Wagyu Tataki, which is gently seared pieces of flavourful beef served with a few garnishes of green leaves. This was the dish of the day for us – it was phenomenal, as the tender wagyu was cooked in a light sauce that left us firmly convinced that Japanese people really know how to marinade and cook their meat!

We loved how the pieces were very thinly sliced, making it easy to eat. Lovers of rare to medium rare meat will particularly enjoy this dish, as the pinkness of the meat still remained, showcasing all the natural flavours of the wagyu beef. An exquisite dish, and one that we’d highly recommend!

Finally, we couldn’t finish off the meal without trying some of their unique desserts, so we opted for the dessert tasting platter, which allows you to choose three of their dessert options. We had a sample of their pumpkin creme brûlée, black sesame tart and coconut ice cream. At Busshari, Washoku Lovers members can grab a free scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream to finish off their meals, so we took advantage of this deal and added a scoop of the green tea ice cream to the platter as well.

The pumpkin creme brûlée was so smooth and creamy, without the overly rich and sweet tones of regular creme brûlée dishes, which we loved! The black sesame tart was such an amazing dessert, as it had a slightly savoury and chocolatey undertone, but when coupled with the coconut ice-cream, the tart had the perfect amount of sweetness and richness. Both ice-creams were also amazing, and we particularly enjoyed the green tea ice-cream with matcha, which was such a delicious and refreshing dessert!

Getting to Busshari from the city involves a bus from Town Hall, or a short stroll from Kings Cross station. When we arrived, we were totally blown away by how lovely the interior was. The dark tables and walls are illuminated by large circular lamps, and the walls are adorned with sake and Japanese wine bottles, and traditional Japanese decor.

We especially liked their unique plates and boards, and the attention to detail in the presentation of dishes was absolutely exquisite. All of the staff were so friendly and lovely, and happy to give us recommendations of the best menu items. We particularly enjoyed seeing Chef Nobu at work, as he has almost 10 years of experience at the helm as head chef of Busshari.

They’ll also be open on New Years Eve, and will be opening especially on Valentines Day next year if you’re looking for a romantic dinner destination! However, they’ll be closed for the first few days of the new year, so be sure to visit them before or after those dates.

Busshari is a sophisticated Japanese restaurant that serves up beautiful and delicate sushi, sashimi and other amazing dishes. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience of trying another Washoku Lovers restaurant, so be sure to try some of their amazing Wagyu Tataki, and grab your free scoop of green tea ice cream to finish off the meal.

Note: Khana dined as a guest of Washoku Lovers and Busshari. Thanks so much to Yuri for organising the visit!

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