Salmon and Bear

In search of some delicious food after a long day at the pool, we travelled to Zetland to sample the newly opened Salmon and Bear!

We started off with a brand new menu item, which has only been in store for a week! This was the Salmon Poké, a traditional Hawaiian style sushi salad with raw Ora King Salmon marinated in soy and sesame, with coconut basmati rice, corn salsa and avocado.

This was a beautiful dish, and all the elements came together in perfect mouthfuls with the juicy and tangy corn, flavoursome and fresh salmon, and some smooth avocado to finish it off! This dish is perfect for sharing, or even as a healthier option, and it was a big hit, and so unique!

Our second dish of the day was the Salmon Bearger, made with a patty that combines both smoked and fresh salmon, with cos lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, salsa verde and aioli. We absolutely loved the burger, and it was the highlight of the meal for us. The contrasting textures and flavours of the smoked and fresh salmon were showcased in the juicy patty.

It was also very flavoursome without being too spicy, which struck exactly the right balance for us. We especially loved the healthy side of sweet potato crinkle cut fries, which were thickly cut, and not oily at all, making them really more-ish!

Finally, we had the Grizzly Plate, which comes with a fish, sauce and two sides or salads. In keeping with the salmon theme, we had an Ora King Salmon for the fish, which is grilled in their mibrasa oven. It was very well seasoned with lovely salt flakes, and the skin was nice and crispy, leaving the soft pink centre to melt in your mouth. The salsa verde sauce to accompany the fish was also very light and tangy, and added depth and a kick to the dish.

I also really enjoyed the corn cobs on the side, which was also roasted in the oven with miso butter. The butter added a perfect finishing touch to this snack, with soft smoky and rich flavours that helped to showcase the sweetness of the corn. Finally, we shook things up and tried a Moroccan salad, with grated carrot, orange segments, currants and mint with a sherry vinaigrette. This was very zesty and fresh, and sharp on the palette – so different and delicious!

Salmon and Bear has partnered with Messina to create two decadent and delectable flavours for their customers. We had one of each – the Strawberry Salmon popsicle, and Chocolate Bear ice-cream sandwich. My favourite was the Strawberry Salmon, which, contrary to its name, is completely absent of any fish flavours, and was a lovely strawberry gelato with a white chocolate coating. It was refreshing and sweet, and a perfect end to my meal.

I also tried a bit of the Chocolate Bear ice-cream sandwich, which was a chocolate gelato encased between two thin chocolate cookies. This treat would be a giant hit for any lovers of chocolate and richer desserts, and the cookie on the outside was super delicious!

The new shopping area in Zetland has been transformed into a modern and upmarket retail district, and Salmon and Bear’s exterior and interior follow this theme. The rustic wood panelling was reminiscent of an inn or pub in a snowy climate, and the wide selection of craft beers and ciders was very welcome.

In terms of seating, there were large communal tables, perfect for sharing a meal with a big group, and smaller tables located just outside. Orders are placed at the counter, and ask the friendly staff for a reccommendation or two – they’re so excited to share a bit of information about their amazing menu items, and help you make your selections.

We went fairly early on, and service was so fast, with our food coming out super quickly. Everything is beautifully presented and put together, and there’s something for everyone on the menu, with salads and fresh, healthy options, and burgers and chips for a heartier feed.

We were thoroughly impressed with the quality and flavour of the dishes on Salmon and Bear’s amazing menu, and you can’t go wrong with any of their dishes! Lovers of seafood will absolutely adore their hearty and healthy meals, which are great value for money as well. The Salmon Bearger is a must try, and be sure to end on a sweeter note with their Messina desserts as well!

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