Bare Grill

Having spied their marvellous creations on Instagram, for our first adventure with we headed down to Bare Grill to sample some of the crazy burgers on offer!

Bare Grill’s menu is quite expansive, with lots of burger options and special burgers! This includes the aptly named ‘The Hangover’, ‘The Cure’ and ‘The Fatties burger’, created in honour of the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society on Facebook – check it out here! All of Bare Grill’s burger buns are stamped with their logo, which is their unique touch, and makes for a great photo as well.

We picked two burgers – first was ‘The Hangover’, which was a delicious fish burger topped with a fried egg, complete with a house-made tartare sauce, hash brown, and chips, presumably to soak up the aftermath of a big night out! It was absolutely divine – I’ve never tried a fish burger before, and this was a great one to start with.

The potato made it extremely filling, and the runny yolk from the egg blended with the sauce to drip down my hand, but ultimately created a delicious sauce for the burger! A real unique treat, and great for lovers of hearty burgers.

The other burger we had was the Mammoth Burger, which, as the name suggests, contained a whopping 4 patties, with plenty of cheese and sauce sandwiched in between. It was truly a sight to behold, and we enjoyed seeing the reactions of everyone around the table when they saw us attempt the mammoth task!

While we tried our best, our valiant efforts were put to shame, as we only devoured 90% of it, with the remaining patty and bacon left as our stomachs were at capacity. The burger was overall quite delicious, and we found the meat quite well cooked and the bacon added an extra layer of flavour! This would be a great burger to order as a food challenge between friends – but be sure to skip breakfast to leave enough room (and maybe dinner the night before too!) and pace yourself as you go through it. We would order this again as, even though we couldn’t finish it, for only $25, it was great value.

Bare Grill is located near the scenic La Perouse Beach, and just across the road from a park, so it’s great for a picnic lunch! There’s plenty of parking right outside, and a bus straight from Town Hall as well. Service was fast, and their serving sizes are super generous, so if you’re getting a burger, be prepared for a huge side of chips too!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first experience eating at a restaurant partnered with – they have some great deals for their members, and some excellent restaurants to offer! Currently, there’s a deal for free breakfast burgers at Bare Grill for the first 10 people to check out Ompty per day, so be sure to take advantage of that and grab an awesome burger for yourself!

Note: Khana dined as a guest of and Bare Grill. Thanks so much to Mike for arranging the visit!

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