Bondi Pizza

To celebrate the opening of the new Bondi Pizza outlet in Macquarie Centre, we were treated to a free meal, so after long a day of shopping, we tried it out!

We decided to order two pizzas and a side between three people, and picked the cheese and garlic pizza, the tandoori chicken pizza, and a small portion of nachos. As the name suggests, pizzas are their speciality, and the pizzas did not disappoint. We especially loved the cheese and garlic pizza – the well cooked and slightly salty cheese formed a perfectly delectable layer over the thin base. It wasn’t greasy or excessively cheesy as some starter pizzas can be, and we were really impressed, going back for seconds, and even thirds!

Our second pizza, the Tandoori Chicken, was also amazing. Lovers of Indian cuisine will absolutely adore this mild but flavourful pizza, as the chicken pieces were well spiced, and the drizzle of raita sauce on the top of the pizza added a refreshing element. Finally, we had some of the nachos, which were generously portioned and had plenty of meat and cheese, with a great chilli sauce to accompany them. However, the nachos themselves lacked a bit of the seasoning and spiciness required for good Mexican food, so next time, we’d probably opt for a different side dish.

We came at lunchtime on a weekday during the school holidays, but there were plenty of tables available and no wait time, which was great. Service was fast and delivered with a smile, and our waitress was happy to give us take-away boxes for the pizza that we couldn’t finish, even finding a mini-container for the sauce as well. The prices are very reasonable, as it came to around $16 per person after sharing those three dishes, so it was great value for money too.

I loved my first experience at the new Bondi Pizza, and will definitely be back soon for some of that delicious Cheese and Garlic Pizza. A short walk away from the cinema, Bondi Pizza is located in the upper food court level of Macquarie, so give it a try and let me know what you think!

Note: Khana dined as a guest of Bondi Pizza.

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