Grain Organic Bakery

After a long holiday in Malaysia, we were excited to return to the classic cafe culture of Sydney, and ventured to Grain Organic Bakery in Rosebery for a delicious breakfast!

We began the morningwith a Banana, Chia, Almond, Yoghurt and Almond Milk smoothie, which we found quite filling and not too sweet. There’s an art to making healthy smoothies taste delicious, and Grain has achieved this perfectly, with another variety, the Super Green, also available. We then ordered three breakfast items to share between us – the ham and cheese croissant, the Smashed Avocado, Persian Fetta, Soft Boiled Eggs, Pistachio and Basil on toast and the Poached Eggs, Hot Smoked Salmon, Ginger, Leek, Labne and Zaatar on toast.

I started with a bite of the croissant, which had a lovely, flaky texture as all good croissants should, and just the right ham to cheese ratio. The croissants are quite large, and along with a smoothie, could easily be a breakfast meal in itself.

I then had the avocado on toast, and after adding a squeeze of lemon, I took a big bite – it was perfectly seasoned, with a generous spread of avocado, and lovely soft boiled eggs to drizzle on the top. The feta added a bit of flavour and saltiness to the dish, and the sprinkle of pistachios was a unique touch that added some texture and crunch as well. The star of the dish, the bread itself, was divine, with just the right amount of crunchiness and the characteristic tartness of good sourdough bread.

Finally, we tried the poached eggs with hot smoked salmon. There was something almost magical about the taste – when we first saw the menu, we were quite intrigued by the combination of flavours offered in this one dish but from the very first bite, it was clear that the food artists involved knew exactly what they were doing. The flavours layered together wonderfully to create a great taste from start to finish and the zataar just kept teasing our mouths and left us wanting more.

All the food served was plated quite beautifully and it was clear that Grain Organic Bakery has taken the time to work on its presentation as well. What is perhaps more impressive is that their dishes tasted amazing, whilst also being fresh, healthy and filling – a power combination!

The bakery is located at the side of a warehouse-style building – look out for the sign on the ground just outside to greet you and show you the way. The interior is spacious, and the smell of baking bread wafts into your nose as soon as you walk in, enticing you to pick up some of their amazing creations. The decor is fairly rustic, with a metal gate marking the end of the bakery, and a giant pot adorning the table we sat at.

Whilst dining in or waiting for your order, the kitchen is in full view – you can even watch their bakers knead the dough and prepare the bread, and see the loaves cooking away in their giant oven. There is ample seating, and the setting is intimate enough for coffee catch-ups, but would be perfect for large groups as well. The staff were lovely and friendly and we received our food super quickly, which was incredibly impressive!

Some great new outlets have been opening in the Roseberry area, and Grain Organic Bakery is definitely one of them. For a delicious loaf of freshly baked bread, a takeaway coffee or a longer breakfast or lunch, Grain delivers all of the above, so be sure to give their amazing baked goods a try, and let us know what you think!

Note: Khana dined as a guest of Grain Organic Bakery. Thanks so much to Clive for organising the visit!

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