Lamb & Cumin

Lamb & Cumin stores have recently opened up around Sydney, and after walking past the one in Macquarie and smelling the delicious scent of grilled and spiced meat, we decided to order some lunch!

We picked two of their meals – one with the classic Lamb and Cumin skewers ($13.50), and one with the Wagyu Marbled Beef Skewers ($14.50). Both came with flatbread, quinoa salad, picked carrot and a dipping sauce, which was a wasabi aioli for the beef, and a cumin aioli for the lamb. Both of the sauces added some lightness to the heavy meat, and were very nicely flavoured – the wasabi and cumin taste is very mild, and the aioli is lovely and smooth.

I really enjoyed the novelty of their skewers, and while the wagyu ones were nice, the real star were the namesake Lamb & Cumin variety. The use of cumin to spice and flavour the lamb, possibly inspired by Indian and South Asian cuisine, was a great touch. The meat that they use is slightly fatty, so be mindful of that, but the flavour is really great, and the accompanying quinoa and sauce rounded it off and made it a perfect meal.

The Lamb & Cumin outlet is located in the lower level Macquarie food court. We ordered relatively quickly but had a short wait for our food, which is given when your number is called. While waiting, have a stroll around the side to see the skewers being grilled and prepared, and if you’re going on a weekend and at lunch time, be prepared to share a table, or wait for one to become available, as the food court was super packed.

The concept of grilled skewers of meat in a food court setting is a great one, especially with the touch of adding spices to enhance the flavour. I’ll definitely be going back for more of their Lamb skewers, and would probably take the option of ordering them individually, which you can do in lots of 3, 5, and 8 skewers as well! Give them a try, and let us know what you think!

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