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On a busy Sunday morning, after hearing about the amazing new waitlist app at Cafe Oratnek in Redfern, we were excited to have the opportunity to try it out for ourselves, and avoid having to wait in a long queue!

We went at quite a busy time – around 11am on Sunday is definitely brunch rush hour, and the queue was already 4 people strong. However, we didn’t have the hassle of waiting in line that we usually experience at cafes, and simply went to the touchscreen, entered our details, and then walked around Redfern while we received text updates about our place in the queue. Once we found out that we were at the front of the line, we walked back, and were quickly seated by the friendly manager! Such a quick and efficient system, and it made our meal so much better and stress-free!

We ordered two intriguing dishes – the Matcha French Toast, and the Soft Shell Crab Burger. I started with a bite of the Matcha French Toast, which was served with banana, coconut, strawberries and matcha mousse. It was very rich and flavoursome, and I enjoyed the green tea flavour that infused the sweet bread! The tartness of the strawberries and the banana cut through some of the richness and added a fresh element to the dish, and the mousse topped it off with more matcha flavour and sweetness – such a unique treat!

The Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab Burger was also amazing, with a soft bun, leaves, wasabi tartare and a small side of rosemary and sea salt chips. It was very easy to eat and nicely spiced, and the crab was crunchy and really well seasoned. The chips in particular were a great side, and we loved snacking on them, so we would’ve really enjoyed a slightly bigger portion. This is a great savoury option, and we’d definitely recommend it for lovers of soft shell crab.

At the end of that meal, we were too full for a proper dessert, but we were surprised with a matcha lamington for us to take-away, which was very lovely! It was delicious, and had an amazing coconut and matcha infused flavour, with the subtle notes of the green tea coming through. It’s a great sharing size, and a light dessert to end a meal.

We loved the vibe of the cafe, as it was located in a small terrace house, with seating both inside and outside to enjoy the morning sunshine. The menu was very unique, with many Japanese and Asian inspired dishes, and classic cafe dish influences that are more familiar to diners. Service was very friendly and attentive, and our food was prepared and served so quickly, which was great, since we were very excited to try the dishes on offer!

Cafe Oratnek has an amazing and unique menu, and plenty of options in their breakfast and lunch menus for every palette. Both their sweet and savoury dishes are on point and beautifully presented, and we’ll definitely be back to try some of their other amazing creations.

Make sure your favourite cafe is using the system so that you never have to waste time standing in a queue again! You’ll get live updates on the queue’s progress and be notified when your table is ready, so you can enjoy the local area and do a bit of shopping before brunch, lunch or dinner, and #MoveAhead in the line while you’re at it!

If your cafe or restaurant is interested in getting involved with this incredible waitlist manager, please visit the website here.

Happy eating!

Note: Khana was invited to dine as a guest of and Cafe Oratnek. Thanks so much to An for organising the visit!

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