Bowery Lane

After having walked past this amazing eatery while on the way to a meeting, we decided to finally stop by and sample the food on offer at Bowery Lane for ourselves!

We started with a serve of bread, which was so fresh and crusty, and tasted delicious with both the butter and the olive oil provided. We then had a taste of two of the Sydney Rock Oysters, and had a natural oyster with mignonette dressing, and a tempura oyster with miso mayonnaise, sumac and smoked bonito. The tempura variety was the star, as it was really nicely battered, and had some flavour to it, as opposed to the plain variety.

We then moved on to mains, and decided to share two entreés, which ended up being a good idea as the serves were fairly large! Our first pick was the Charred Yamba Prawns, which came with caramelised pineapple, coriander, lime and chilli sauce. The prawns had a lovely charred and grilled texture on the outside, and the smoky flavours were nicely contrasted with the heat of the chilli, and freshness of the other ingredients.

We also had the Confit Duck Salad, which had many seemingly random but perfectly balanced components. The duck was accompanied by hazelnut, quince jam, dried fig, spinach, green bean and salted ricotta, which were all beautifully fresh components to what was a very light dish. I particularly liked the sweetness of the jam with the dried figs, and the snow peas were a great addition as well. Every component was necessary to make the flavours blend together, and this was a superstar dish, and so enjoyable!

We came fairly early, and there was plenty of seating, but we were able to get one of their intimate booth seats, which was lovely, and gave us some privacy while we dined. The table was nice and big as well, and had plenty of room for photos! Service was a bit on the slower side, but the staff were very friendly and the food was definitely worth the wait! We also saw a lot of people ordering their burgers for take-away, so it’s a popular option for the office staff working around the area as well.

We had a really great first experience at Bowery Lane, and really enjoyed the atmosphere and setting as much as the food itself. We’ll definitely be back to try the famous burger, and some of their desserts too! Give them a try, and let us know what you think.

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