Burgers by Josh

For a quick work lunch, I walked across the road to my new local eatery, North Sydney’s Upper Deck, ready to try the mouthwatering burgers at Burgers by Josh’s new popup store!

We ordered two burgs, a single J Burger with no onions, and a double J Burger with the free bacon for FBAS members. I had the single J Burger, and was super happy that they agreed to take the onions out! It was delicious, with a soft bun, plenty of salads with the lettuce and tomato, and delicious cheesy goodness to coat the perfectly cooked patty, with special sauce that was so more-ish! I loved all of the flavours and textures, and the single was a manageable size for me, so I’d definitely be back for this burger!

I also tried some of the double J burger and this was amazing! If you are a meat-lover, you will find yourself in heaven after just one bite. Like the single J burger, the patties were perfectly cooked however the added bacon added a subtle extra flavour which was quite amazing. The burger was quite a solid size and seemed like a solid enough meal even for a dedicated burger lover.

From the second we walked in to the Upper Deck venue, we could see that it was buzzing with people waiting for their burgers, with cool tunes in the background, and plenty of seats, from long tables to smaller bar chairs for two. Orders are placed at the counter, and then you receive a buzzer to go and pick up your burgs when they’re ready. The menu isn’t too expansive, comprising of 3 or 4 burgers, but what Burgers by Josh does have is done very well, and there’s lots of variety, so different preferences are catered for.

We loved our first experience at Burgers by Josh, and the vibe and atmosphere made us want to return as much as the amazing burgers did! Be sure to head on over to the FBAS Facebook group here to keep up to date on all the latest burger crazes around town!

Burgers by Josh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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