Tapa Vino

To celebrate the completion of our mooting submissions, the team and I travelled to Tapa Vino in Circular Quay. Built on the culture of ‘sip-a-little-bit-of-this-and-eat-a-little-bit-of-that’, Tapa Vino’s entire menu is designed for groups and sharing which was seemed like a perfect way to begin the evening.

Given that there were six of us, we were very excited to be able to take proper advantage of the menu and ordered a very wide range of food. This was split into the categories of ‘Bocados’ (snacks), ‘From the Sea’ and ‘From the Land’. All of the meals below came in small portions that could be easily shared.

From the ‘Bocados’ portion of the menu, we ordered the Eggplant and White Bean with Paprika Flatbread, as well as the Warm Cow’s Cheese, Walnuts in Vine Leaves a la Plancha and finally the Warm Potato, Caramelised Onion, Rosemary and Salt Coca. All three of these were quite fantastic in their own way!  The somewhat plain flavour of the paprika flatbread was transformed into a delicious taste when mixed with the eggplant whilst the warm cow’s cheese was definitely an experience – it was melted and gooey, and full of flavour. My personal favourite from this section however was the warm potato dish. This was set out on a ‘pizza’ and had multiple flavours all layered together in a wonderful fashion.

From the Sea, we decided to sample the Half-shell Seared Queensland Scallops, Morcilla, and Chilli, which I would highly recommend. The scallops tasted quite fresh, and the dish as a whole was a delight.

Finally, From the Land we tried the Spiced Lamb Shoulder, Pomegranate, Yogurt, as well as the Carne Cruda ‘Eye Fillet Rare’, Pickled Mushrooms, the Braised Chicken, Tomato Salsa and Paprika Mayo and finally the Jamon Serrano, Fresh Figs, Valdeon Blue Cheese. My favourite from this selection was the Braised Chicken, as well as the Eye Fillet – both of these were cooked perfectly and were tender and full of flavour. The Jamon Serrano was also quite amazing – it was a very fresh dish and the flavours layered nicely with the figs and blue cheese to create an exciting flavour. I found the Spiced Lamb Shoulder to be slightly dry however this dish was well enjoyed by the others on the table.

For the side, we got the Shaved Cabbage, Manchego, Bread Crumbs, Lemon, Mint and Balsamico Dressing, as well as some white and red sangria. The salad was rather average in my view however the sangria was quite delicious – it is clear why Tapa Vino is known for their wines. Do yourself a favour and order a sangria to couple with your meal.

We went on a Friday night and Tapa Vino was buzzing. Both the interior and exterior were packed with people, creating a very exciting atmosphere! The service was friendly and fast and the interior was quite elegant and well set out. There is plenty of seating available, both inside and outside, but don’t count on finding a table if you come during busy times.

If you are ever looking for a great place for a dinner with a group, Tapa Vino is a fantastic option! Complete with a very expansive menu, delicious foods and lovely wines, there’s not much else you could ask for. Make sure to book in advance however as Tapa Vino is very popular, and rightly so.

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