To cap off a lovely day trip to Canberra, we stopped over at Patissez to try one of their famous monster milkshakes. After some rather extensive Instagram-stalking, we were super excited to finally get the opportunity to try one for ourselves.

Although the entire menu was incredibly tempting, our hearts were set on the Gay-Pat (though we could easily have ordered more than one flavour – that’s how exciting they sounded!). The Gay-Pat consists of dulce de leche, super crunchy milk crumb and liquid Gaytime, topped off with chocolate mousse and a dulce parfait dipped in choc & rolled in house made honeycomb.

The first emotion that we felt when the milkshake arrived was excitement – it looked just as spectacular as it was on Instagram. The second emotion that we felt was amazement – the taste of the Gay-Pat was even better than its appearance. The term epic freak shake is not lightly used – there is a lot going on in this milkshake but all the flavours combine together in an absolutely beautiful fashion to create a rich, creamy and overall wonderful taste. Everything however is simply ancillary to the real star of the show – the milkshake itself which had a lovely consistency and a great taste.

We would definitely recommend this!

Patissez exists in a lovely courtyard, with plenty of seating available both inside and outside. The service at Patissez was incredibly friendly and assistive, and the milkshake itself came out in surprisingly fast time.

If you are ever down in Canberra, Patissez is a must. We are definitely planning on returning to try more of their epic freak shakes, and see if we can finish one by ourselves next time!


Pâtissez Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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