For a girl’s brunch catchup, we headed to try the famous Trio cafe at Bondi Beach, ready to try some of their Instagram worthy food!

Trio has a great juice menu that lets you pick up to 5 fruits and put them together in a custom drink. I opted for a juice with orange, apple, pineapple, pear and mint ($6.50), and it was so good, and really refreshing! The flavours worked well together and I loved the novelty of picking my own ingredients as well. Around the table, my friends had juices, and one of the famous coffees too ($4), which came with the ‘Trio’ logo stamped on top, and was stunningly presented!

We ordered three dishes to share between us – the Breakfast Sundae, the Fresh Seasonal Fruit Plate, and the Trio Breakfast Tasting Plate. The portions were really generous and the food was quite rich, so we were really glad to be sharing, and it was a great way to have a taste of each different dish.

We started with the Breakfast Sundae ($14), which had strawberries, banana and toasted museli with a swirl of honey yoghurt. It was really good, and the sweetness of the fruit was well balanced with the crunch of the museli. This was also a very healthy dish, with plenty of fruit and yoghurt, and would be a great start to the day! The portion is plenty enough to be shared between two as well.

We then had the Fresh Seasonal Fruit Plate ($17.5), which was served with a bowl of passionfruit yoghurt. Fruit is such a great component to any brunch, because especially if you’re not looking for a heavy meal, it’s great to snack on. The fruits were so colourful and the plate was visually stunning! I especially liked the apple and pear, and the passionfruit yoghurt was lovely as well.

Finally, we had the Trio Breakfast Tasting Plate (29.5), which included a small taste of the bircher museli, shakshouka, french toast, pancake and corn fritter. This was a great way to try many of the different dishes on the menu, and the highlight for everyone was the shakshouka or baked egg, as the oozing yolk of the egg mixed with the tomato base was so delicious when eaten with the fresh sourdough bread!

We also really liked the pancake, which was a mini mango and lime buttermilk variety. While the pancake itself didn’t have strong flavours, the accompanying lemon curd was so tart and fresh, and a lovely sweet topping for the milder pancake.

The cafe was packed when we arrived around 11:15, and it was a half hour wait for a table, so be sure to arrive earlier than the time you’re planning to eat! The tables are fairly packed together, but the view across the street of the iconic Bondi Beach is lovely, and the interior is cozy. Service was very fast, and the staff were very attentive, so we were able to get our food in a very short amount of time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first experience at Trio, and I would especially recommend dining with a friend and trying the tasting plate to get a small sampling of everything on their menu! The location is fantastic as well, and perfect for a post-brunch dip at Bondi Beach!

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