Inferno Grill & Cafe

After seeing their amazing creations on Instagram, we headed down to the beautiful suburb of Maroubra, ready to try the monster burgers at Inferno Grill & Cafe!

To celebrate Hashtag Burgers’ first birthday, all the famous burger joints in Sydney are serving up their own rendition of the ‘Fatties’ burger, which has to contain beef, cheese, bacon, onion rings and a deep fried pickle to top it off. We were lucky enough to sample this mammoth, and it was so, so good – bring an empty stomach and an open mind, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it! The deep fried pickle in particular was such a unique addition, and had great texture and crunch to it.

We also had to have the famous ‘Clucking Pig’, which had a southern fried chicken patty, coleslaw, crispy bacon, aioli and inferno chilli. I thought the spiciness added the perfect amount of kick to an amazingly tender chicken patty, and this was truly a really well constructed burger with the right ratio of heat to taste. The aioli and the chilli mixed together was a great combo, and the great thing about both burgers was that they were relatively easy to eat, and even divide and share too!

Even though Inferno Grill & Cafe is famous for their delicious burgers, we were assured that they do a whole bunch of other dishes amazingly too, including charcoal chicken, salads, and of course pork belly! We tried some of their succulent and juicy pork belly, and while I’m normally not a big fan, this was an amazing rendition of the dish. The meat was so flavoursome, and it was such a more-ish treat.

To finish off the meal, we couldn’t resist trying some of Anthony’s amazing house-made ice-creams, which are made daily, and are really popular with the regulars. He uses a vanilla base to make incredible flavours such as Crunchie, Cookies and Cream and Mint Slice, and we were lucky enough to have a taste of all three, which were all brilliant! My personal favourite was the Crunchie – I loved the crushed chocolate bar pieces on the top, and it had the perfect amount of creaminess and richness! They’re also happy to give you a taste of the ice-cream before you buy, so you can sample the selection before making your pick.

Inferno Grill & Cafe is located on Anzac Parade, and there was plenty of parking around, but they do get busy later in the evening, so be sure to go earlier to guarantee a seat! The chef and our host for the evening, Anthony, is so passionate about his food, and has had plenty of experience in the kitchen, so the menu is really diverse, and there’s definitely something for everyone. His hospitality was fantastic and our meals arrived super quickly, which was great as well.

Inferno Grill & Cafe also regularly does deals on for amazing discounts on their famous burgers, so be sure to check that out here before heading over! It’s free to sign up and create an account, and you receive tailored deals depending on where and when you’re dining, so don’t miss out on discovering some amazing new eateries, and grab some discounts!

For a great burger joint in the Eastern Suburbs, look no further than Inferno Grill & Cafe – it definitely lived up to the Instagram hype, and they can do so much more than just burgers as well! If you’re heading over, check out first for some great deals, and catch the Fatty’s special, on this week, before it’s gone!

Note:Β Khana dined as a guest of and Inferno Grill & Cafe. Thanks to Mike for organising the visit!

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