Bangbang Cafe

For a nice breakfast before university, we headed to Bangbang café in Surry Hills. Having heard great things from friends who had been, we were very excited to try all this out for ourselves.

For breakfast, we ordered the T.B.A. (tomato, basil and avocado) with added salmon, as well as the French Toast with chorizo and two juices. Matt, the owner, also made us one of their famous All Star burgers which was very exciting!

The T.B.A. was amazing and I would definitely order this again! All of the ingredients tasted perfectly fresh and the dish as a whole was quite healthy, yet also very delicious. The dish was quite filling as there was a substantial quantity. Make sure to order this with the added salmon, as the flavours work perfectly together.

The French Toast was also very impressive and something which was quite different to what we had tried before. This was because the savoury chorizo was quite unlike the sweet flavours of a normal French Toast. Nevertheless, the dish was put together very well and the egg on top was very well made.

When it came to the All Star burger however, I could see why Bangbang has been garnering fame for their burgers. The buns that they use were perfectly soft and melted in the mouth, whilst the patty was excellently cooked. The sauces used added an extra dimension to the flavour and the fries were also delicious. On Fridays they have $10 burgers and we definitely want to come back to try their burger of the week and be a little more adventurous.

Finally, both of the juices we ordered, watermelon and apple, were quite delicious! They were both very refreshing and added a lovely touch to the overall breakfast.

Bangbang was quite a lovely café, with seating available both inside and out (which we availed ourselves of). The service was incredibly friendly and Matt, the owner, took the time to explain to us various aspects of the menu. Both him and the staff went the extra mile to make sure that us, and the other customers, were all taken care of and the service was fast and efficient.

We were overall incredibly impressed with Bangbang café. The food was incredibly solid – healthy, filling and delicious whilst the service was very friendly. Having tried it for ourselves, we can easily see where the good reviews come from, and we will be back in the coming weeks for round two.

Note: The Khana dined as a guest of Bangbang café.

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