Otto Ristorante

To showcase their amazing Taste of Sydney sampling menu for the festival this coming weekend, a group of Zomato bloggers were invited to Otto Ristorante in Woolloomooloo!

We started off with the Prosciutto, Stracciatella, Fichi e Aceto, Balsamico, which translates to San Danielle prosciutto, stracciatella, figs and a dash of balsamic (12 Crowns at the festival, which equals $12). While I’m not normally a big fan of prosciutto, I really enjoyed the San Danielle variety, as it wasn’t overly salty, and was such a flavoursome and thinly cut piece of cured meat. The fresh figs were beautiful in this dish, and we really enjoyed trying the stracciatella cheese, which was creamy and quite savoury, balancing out the dish nicely.

We then tried their Icon dish, which is a more expensive offering from each of the restaurants that encapsulates the best of what their menu has to offer! Otto’s dish is the Spaghetti all’ Aragosta (69 Crowns), which is comprised of spaghetti, crayfish, cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, brandy, napolitana sauce and basil. The plating was incredible, with the whole crayfish head adorning the plate, and a large helping of pasta with succulent pieces of crayfish meat, a great helping of tomato and a slight kick and flavour from the chilli, without it being spicy. It was such an incredible dish, so if you have the money to spare, give this one a try!

The third course was the Osso Bucco, which was a saffron infused pasta served with braised Rangers Valley beef shin, tomatoes, gremolata and salted ricotta (12 Crowns). This was so tasty and easy to eat, and would be a perfect dish to order at the Festival for convenience. The beef was really tender and flavoursome, and the pasta was well seasoned with the saffron. While I would’ve liked more of the ricotta flavour to shine through, it was still a really tasty dish, and a great end to the savory portion of the meal.

Finally, we finished off with the cocco panna cotta (6 Crowns), a breakfast-granola like dish with coconut panna cotta, crumble and a scoop of coconut ice cream to finish it off. It was so divine, with the smooth panna cotta infused with subtle coconut flavour, which was surprisingly not too overpowering in this dessert.

Otto Ristorante is located on the iconic Woolloomooloo wharf, and a short walk away from St James station, so it’s fairly accessible by public transport. The staff were so friendly and served us with a smile, and even plated up the more messy pasta dishes that we were sharing between us, which was great!

We really loved the ambience and atmosphere, with the dim lighting adding an element of sophistication (although it did make taking that perfect Insta pic a little bit harder!), and they even have a very funky private dining room for functions as well!

At Taste of Sydney, grab a map or download the app onto your phone – you can find their stall next to Firedoor’s booth at the opposite side of the grounds to the entrance!

We thoroughly enjoyed each dish on the menu that Otto is bringing to the Taste of Sydney Festival this weekend. There are some amazing dishes on offer – my personal favourites would have to be the Osso Bucco, and of course, you can’t go wrong with a lovely Panna Cotta to finish off any tasting

Head over to our Instagram page here and follow us and regram this photo for your chance to win 2 tickets to the Taste of Sydney Festival this weekend and try Otto’s incredible menu for yourselves. Happy eating!

Note: Khana dined as a guest of Zomato, Otto Restaurant and Taste of Sydney. Thanks so much for having us!

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