Left of Field

Today my friends and I decided to try out a new café in our local area after a tough, but fun yoga session. After scrolling through the delicious looking dishes on their Instagram page, we were excited to see what Left of Field had to offer!

To start off with, we ordered a flat white, an iced chocolate and an iced coffee. Left of Field offers specialty coffee roasted by Single Origin which resulted in a smooth blend and an overall satisfying coffee experience. The iced chocolate was full of sweet goodness, with a generous dressing of chocolate sauce throughout the tall glass. Both the iced chocolate and iced coffee came with the option of whipped cream, with crunchy coffee beans included on the refreshing iced coffee!

Between us we ordered three dishes to share, the grilled fig with prosciutto, the cured ocean trout with poached egg and the mud crab burger with chips.

Unfortunately during our relatively long wait time of over 40 minutes, 2 of our dishes had been sitting on the kitchen bench for over 20 minutes while the third dish was yet to be made. This meant that when we finally dug into our trout, the poached egg on top had boiled over and had lost its runny consistency. Without the gooey texture of the yolk, the ocean trout was relatively bland, with the grilled rye particularly dry.

The mud crab burger was also slightly underwhelming, with quite a disproportionate bun to filling ratio; there was definitely a lot of bun but not enough filling. However, the crab meat was sweet and juicy and the Asian slaw was light, fresh and complimented the crab well – if only there was more filling! The side of chips was a pleasant surprise and we ate them heartily next to a relatively small burger.

Our unanimous favourite dish of the day was the grilled fig with prosciutto. The figs were grilled perfectly and melted in the mouth. The candied walnuts were a lovely crunchy touch and the goat’s cheese with the prosciutto blended incredibly well together. All the elements put together made a light, healthy and delicious dish.

On arrival, the café had plenty of natural lighting and was very welcoming, with a quaint, pet friendly outdoor seating area near the waterside. Inside, the décor is modern and simple, with an urban environmental touch that gives the space plenty of character.

The staff are friendly and very attentive, including a lovely waiter who would regularly check up on us to ask how our food was, whether we wanted anything more and to constantly refill our water. Despite the long wait for our food, the quality of service is definitely something Left of Field seems to pride itself on.

Despite some initial disappointment with our meal, another visit is definitely not out of the question! In particular, the hotcakes look especially good and would be worth another try!

Left of Field Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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