Japan Fun Box


A few days ago, I received an exciting package in the mail – the Japan Fun Box! This box contains a variety of Japanese treats and sweets for people to try, and it’s a monthly subscription, so you receive a new set of goodies each month.


I received the Original Box, which is their medium sized offering. In my box, the highlights were the strawberry lollies, and the pizza flavoured chips! Everything is so well made and unique, and there’s even a fun toy!

I also loved that you have the opportunity to try things you otherwise wouldn’t pick out. When I had a bite of the Sweet Potato Kit Kat, it was a strange texture, but had an amazing taste to it, and was sweet and savoury at the same time.


They provide a menu with descriptions in English as well, so you know exactly what’s on offer and what you have to sample in your box.

So challenge your palette, immerse yourself in some Japanese culture and cuisine, and grab a Japan Fun Box for yourself at http://www.japanfunbox.com.

Note: Thanks so much to Japan Fun Box for sending one across for The Khana to sample!


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